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10 Lockdown Date Ideas For Valentines Day

This lockdown has definitely had its challenges over the past year and there seems to be no sign that things are letting up any time soon However, don't despair.....help is here.....😀
Of course the best way to  celebrate Valentines Day is to spend it with each other, but then most of us have been spending a helluva lot of time together for most of this year!!!! 
 So if you are looking for something different to 'gift' to your better half then you've come to the right place!
Whether you're in an established relationship, or are just starting out, I thought I would put together a list of 10 ideas that will keep you and your better halves entertained in a romantic way!  ❤️
  1. Give the gift of a super cosy breakfast in bed, complete with flowers from the garden (or someone elses!) and top it off with a Hot Chocolate with Amaretto
  2. Bake some Valentine heart shaped cookies together - or anything else for that matter but heart inspired bakes earn extra points! 
  3. Create a memorable lunch of all your favourite foods - don't forget the candles!
  4. Create a repeat of your most memorable date and re-live it at home complete with your favourite music 
  5. A movie night, it has to be romantic movie (of course) and with popcorn :) 
  6. Try an online course in cocktail making - I think I will be doing this as it sounds like a lot of fun! 
  7. Play a game - how about blind fold food tasting? Could be a whole load of fun and you can get VERY creative! 
  8. Take a romantic local walk 
  9. An indoor camping night - assuming you can fit the tent in your lounge and with your favourite takeaway meal
  10. Take a bath together - and don't forget the roses and champagne

Well I hope that gives you all a few tips - what you must remember to do is HAVE FUN! 


Much Love 



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