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Getting Organised...Finally!

Well I don't know about you, but this past week my household has been plagued with the dreaded flu virus and as such my weekend was a little bit tedious having to spend most of it on my own due to most of my household either having the flu or feeling under the weather.

Now I am good at keeping myself busy and so decided that my weekend would be best spent sorting out my work room. In fact, I was so keen to tidy my workstation up, I ended up moving the whole room to a different part of the house!!!! It really is one of those jobs I thought would be done and dusted inside of a few hours.....Oh my word...I am still here trying to organise two days in! 

How did I accumulate so much junk - I mean- stuff? really is never ending.

How many of you have spent hours/days months even to get your studio or work area sorted? I sympathise.

Anyway, 2 days in I am almost there and here is a pic of one area for you!  Feel free to show me your pictures, messy or not! :)

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