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I Am Nose Of The Month! Here Is My Review...Part 1

I have had a fun-filled time these past few weeks! I saw a post pop up in my feed on facebook by a page called Vintage B Luxury Beeswax Candles where you can enter to be their 'Nose of the Month'. I rarely enter into anything like this but I love smellies and I burn candles all the time so I thought why not?

Well would you believe it? I only won it!! I was, needless to say, delighted as it meant that I would receive some yummy candles to try out. All they want in return is a review on the products they send you.


To be honest, I thought I would receive two or three items....when my delivery came I was shocked to see that there were loads of goodies in there - this is it as I opened the box...

These are the contents of those items....How many things?? There was a ceramic candle melt, as she knew I didn't have one, A gorgeous smelling votive in a very pretty glass, three different wax melts to try, six votive candles and a lip balm. The smells were to die for and I couldn't wait to get started! Aren't they beautifully packaged to? It really felt like Christmas.

Unfortunately, my daughter took the votive candle, which was a vanilla & honey scent, for her room and so I can't really write a review for it, but it smelt delicious and she definitely gave at a huge thumbs up as well as saying that it burnt right down without any wastage! I have never known her room smell so good! 

I went for the Amber & Lavender melt first as it was just gorgeous! It burnt beautifully and wafted around my entire house all day. Really gorgeous and even my hubby liked it.

I haven't yet tried the others but will write again about those when I use them. 

All in all if you want a clean burning, deliciously smelling candle or wax melts, that are handmade,  I would definitely take a look at Vintage B - I have to say so far I am really impressed! 


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