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The Wonder of Spring (part 1)

Well the sun has finally shone in good old Blighty and what a welcome change it is too - suddenly everything has come into bloom and it is spectacular! I love this country when Spring has sprung and Summer is definitely in hot pursuit! 

With the warmer weather,  all I can hear is birdsong - it's suddenly everywhere!! As I write this I can hear the blue tits and chaffinches (or at least that what I think they are!!) singing away to each other in a high pitched chorus - I wonder what they are saying? 

My lavender plants look amazing, which is also a surprise as I did nothing to help them last year. What is so wonderful are all the bees....I love bees and try to encourage these honey monsters as much as I can! 

Flowers are blooming marvellous too.....!!

Well that is it from me this week - I now have some inspiration for my work so hopefully I can show you some of it next week!



I know that feeling Caroline! I could spend my entire week weeding my garden – I just have to fit it in when I can :)


I absolutely love this time of year. Everything is so new and fresh. Our garden is going mad. Only trouble is, the weeds are too!


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