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Fabulous Jam!

Well Hello There!

I do hope you are enjoying this delightful weather! It's fabulous to be able to just sit outside and eat brekkie or dinner in the fresh air!  

Talking about food.....

I have a thing about jam at the moment. I try to limit myself, but every now and then I get that craving to demolish something sweet that isn't chocolate and so jam is it!

The other day I had one of these cravings and decided to seek out something a little different, as whilst I love a strawberry jam, I fancied being a little more adventurous. So, I took to Twitter - a great place for discovering new things/ businesses.

During a particular twitter hour called #handmadehour I noticed a little company that that kept popping up in my notifications. They grabbed my attention because their name Joyful and Mellow made me smile and feel a little cheery! Also, on the up side they were promoting their jams and the one that definitely made my mouth water was Prosecco!!! 

OH MY WORD! Prosecco? in jam? who would have thought I could kill two birds with one stone and be able to have a little of my favourite tipple spread all over some hot, buttered toast first thing in the morning and no one would know!!  Marvellous - so I ordered a jar....

A few days later, the jam arrived, beautifully packaged in a hessian bag with the cutest little wooden tag on it.

I have to say I was salivating by the time I opened it and whacked the toast in a toaster ready to have my first taste.

The jar was a little smaller than I expected, but to be fair, when it spreads you really don't need a lot so in other words, a little goes a long way! 

The jar was well labelled and the design was spot on. 

Well I bet you are wanting to know what it tastes like.....

.......It was fantastic!  - I loved it - sweet but not too sweet...with just a hint of Prosecco coming through so you felt like you were drinking it from the glass. Easily spreadable and in the cutest of jars.

I have to say I shall be purchasing this particular jam for many a friend, as a gift, as it beats buying the obligatory bottle of wine & let's face it - who do you know that doesn't like a little of the fizzy stuff! Visit www.joyfulandmellow.co.uk and treat yourself too :)




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