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GOODBYE 2020 !!! HELLO 2021 !

Well goodbye and good riddance 2020 and I hope this year is not a repeat!

What a turbulent year it was - this COVID can bugger off  as I'm done now! 

My intention is to start 2021 with some positive vibes by wiping the slate clean and pretending that this horrible virus has only just arrived, that way I will be able to carry on in lockdown for the next few months without feeling too fed up! 

I have to say - on a positive note - last year for me was wonderful for MaisyPlum.

You lot kept me busy and I'm so grateful for all your support. Not only were the orders flooding in, but the kindness shown on my social media accounts was amazing. All the comments, likes and interactions really kept me going and I 'm so very grateful. Small businesses everywhere need all the help they can get, so where you can, please continue to support handmade as much as possible as it can make such a difference.

One thing  I'm incredibly proud of is that I came in the Top 5 Winners for the Handmade Hamper Awards over on Instagram ( I won 3rd place!!!) This was run by @Handmade_Hour in conjunction with @Emerald Grove Studio . I entered,  not for one minute thinking I would get into the top 100 let alone 3rd place as over a thousand small businesses applied.

I've never seen so much talent. To say I was blown away is an understatement. Needless to say it was a fantastic way to end a crappy year and it has definitely given me a much needed boost and inspiration to keep creating unique enamel jewellery and gift ideas  :) 

 Anyway, onwards and upwards - we can get through this! I wish all of you a healthy, happy and very successful year and let's hope that 2021 brings some lovely surprises.


Stay SAFE! 

Much Love





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