Happy New Year!

Well here we are, another year over and a new one begins. 

It was a strange year last year, but I for one, want to leave it well and truly behind me and look forward to whatever 2022 brings. Hopefully we can say 'sod off' to Covid 19 once and for all and get back to normal.

On a positive note....2022 brings us more challenges, but hopefully more fun too. 

I'll be embarking on some new ventures this year and finally starting a course I bought this time last year, but didn't have the time to get going with. It concentrates on glass fusing, something I love but still have loads to learn and my aim is to make art pieces that can take pride of place in my house and hopefully some of yours :) 

As for my enamel work - I will be selling copper pieces wholesale for those of you who are into making enamel jewellery etc as well as those who are just getting started, so watch this space as I shall be listing them on my website soon!

I shall keep going with what I do and love, hopefully introducing new ideas along the way. I really appreciate any feedback you can give me regarding my products, but safe to say, I will be continuing with my most popular pieces as per normal, but may introduce new colours as the seasons change.

Thank you for reading my inane ramblings and also for your support with my buisness - I feel very blessed to do what I love.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy, fabulous and prosperous 2022


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