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Holiday Season-What to Pack

So summer is now officially here and holidays are now being booked and planned with increasing excitement. No doubt most of you are looking for a sun, sea, sand, sangaria and ermmm......oh yes fun!! The question is...what to pack for possibly two weeks in as small a case as you can find! Well hopefully here are some helpful tips to follow:-

Firstly, do you really need half of your bathroom? Probably not!

1. Toiletries

Decant all your shampoos, conditioners, body wash, face wash etc into 100ml plastic containers - these can be bought in Boots very cheaply - and only take what you REALLY need. The other option is to buy when you get to the other end!

2. Clothes

Do you really need to pack two outfits for every day you are there? - probably not! 

Try on your clothes before the holiday and work out some mix and match with some of the items to keep the amount you take to a minimum. You can wear the same outfit twice - who is going to know anyway!!??

Roll your clothes and place in suitcase rather than fold - it really does save a ton of space! 

3. Jewellery

Take simple jewellery that works with most outfits and I tend to only take a few necklaces/ earrings for the evenings. I don't bother in the day as it is generally too hot! Bangles always work a dream as you can mix and match them depending on your mood!

4. Toiletries

Wrap toiletries in plastic carrier bags to prevent staining from any spillage and if you do need to pack a beach towel, wrap the bag of goodies in that too for extra cushioning.

5. Makeup

Keep makeup to a minimum as this can add up in the weight department. Make up should be cushioned with cotton pads - this helps powders cracking! 

6. Electricals

Electricals ie hairdryers, straightners - ditch them both if you can! They weigh a ton! If you must take a hairdryer then pack a travel one as these save a lot of space. Hair straightners are not really necessary and it is quite cool to have the 'beach babe' look! 

7. Reading

Pack a kindle if you have one as you can download as many books as you like and it won't affect the weight! If you don't have a kindle take one book and agree with your mates that you will swap your books when they've been read! 

8.. Be Safe

If you are worried about your cash going missing whilst you are frolicking in the sea, pack your notes in old lipstick lids or use old makeup containers - anyone looking for a quick steal won't be searching there! 

So I hope that this gives some packing tips for you all and in the meantime

Happy Holidays & have fun fun fun! 

If you have any other holiday packing tips that I haven't mentioned, then please comment with them below! 


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