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It's All About Bangles!

So having come back from my recent trip abroad and having recovered (almost) from the holiday blues I have been keen to make a variety of bangles - the reason being, they jazz up any outfit, are easy to pack and look fabulous worn as singles or stacked up your arms!!! 

So here are a few enamel sets that I have made using copper wire or tubing. 

I have to be in the mood to make these as I generally end up with a headache due to the hammering involved to get these just right! 

I made two different sets last week, the first set being 'Earth Tones' 

These have  a really rustic feel about them as the enamel burnt through certain areas and created this charming 'aged' look. These colours are gorgeous, however, they are completely different when fired to how they appear in the jar! Very much a unique set as they seem to vary all the time! They are riveted together to ensure they never come apart!

The second set I made I sold within 5 minutes of listing them so I had to make another set the same! These are in 'Cranberry' - I called them by this name as that was immediately what they reminded me of! Subtle hues of pale pinks and mauves. A gorgeous set that makes marvellous arm candy! 

I then decided to make a bangle that could be adjustable and fit any sized wrist as that is a real problem for a lot of women - getting the sizing right. So I took some wire and played about with it for a few hours until I managed to come up with this bangle full of charms! I made two - one in green and one in pink. I will make one in blues soon but I want to see if they are a popular choice before I go mad making loads! 

These are made using sterling silver wire onto which I attached individual charms that I cut and enameled in different tones of green and pink. Mixed in there somewhere are some sterling silver tags that can also be stamped with initials.

These also look great stacked and if they prove popular more will be on their way! 

And finally, here is my latest - having never worked with brass before I came up with this idea and I absolutely love it! These aren't adjustable but they are made in 3 different sizes for small, medium and large sized wrists! They are adorned with a selection of sterling silver & enamel charms, initial charms (handmade), tassels and beads of co-ordinating colours. These coral/ orange hues are stunning and I will definitely be making a lot more of these sets!

So folks! That is how I have been keeping busy and I hope you like my new makes. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to add them. In the meantime, if you would like to sign up to my newsletter over at you will get a 10% discount off your first order!! 

Have a fabulous week !

Take Care


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