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Colourful Stud Earrings Are Perfect for Holidays!


I am on a mission to make more stud earrings....I love my studs - I love them so much I am hard pressed to wear anything else!

Being a maker of enamel jewellery I am always trying to find ways to make stud earrings that are a little different to what is already out there. You also know that hearts feature a lot in my designs and I thought this may be a good place to start. So I made some sterling silver heart studs that are so dinky and teeny weeny they would work for anyone.

I set about the fiddly task of enameling them in a few colours and I have to say they are more gorgeous than I thought they would be! 

At the moment I am making them in purple, grey, turquoise and green, but I am sure to come up with some other colours soon. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

The bonus of  a little pair of stud earrings is the fact that they are so easy to wear and you can almost always find a pair that work for any occasion! 

They are lightweight, easy to pack for holidays and are also suitable to swim, dance, sing and party in, without losing them!

So if you like studs then feel free to pop over to and take a peek at what is available! 

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