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New Year Update!

Hi Plummies! 

It has been a while since I last wrote a post and I am sorry about that but life and work has just gotten way too busy! 

Firstly, I just wanted to wish you all a very belated Happy New Year! I can't quite believe that it is nearly the end of January already! 

So, here is a little update on what has been going on at MP HQ!

Last year saw me get busier and busier on the work front. It was a great year for me, but, as there is only me doing it all, I do find that it can be a little overwhelming sometimes and I certainly need to think about how to prioritise the many balls that I seem to juggle!! 

Just to give you an update on what has been happening here.... I am also now supplying my stock on a regular basis to a lovely little shop called Made by Kent, which is a great little outlet for me to be seen by local people, I am also supplying my ring bowls on an exclusive basis to the fabulous PomPomBlossom, which is run by Sophie Stewart. You can find her on Instagram here . She makes fabulous hand dyed silk ribbons, silk textiles as well as floriculture. 

So between the two that I supply and my own orders coming in, I am being kept very busy indeed.

What's new? Well since my last post, I have finally taken the plunge and invested in a larger kiln (I now have two) which is for glass fusing. I have been wanting to learn this craft for a long time and attended a basic course back in March of last year. Of course, I am now addicted to creating glass pieces, but it is a slow learning curve as there is so much to remember! However, I am loving it and am currently enjoying making swizzle sticks, which are great for cocktails/ drinks at parties as well as the odd item of jewellery and other bits and bobs!

Here is a photo of some I made today - these were inspired by Valentines Day as they feature little hearts on the top of each swizzler! Aren't they cute? Perfect for a wedding gift or anniversary gift too! 

I am delighted with how these turned out against the grey and will definitely be adding these to my store!

Apart from the glass items I am making, I will also be introducing some new jewellery into the mix too, so watch this space for some unusual pieces. 

Well that is it for now - but please feel free to sign up to my newsletter as I often send out special offers that are exclusive to my subscribers! 

Happy January folks! May you stay warm and lurgy free. I shall be back soon with some Valentine gift ideas! 

Much Love

Jo xx

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