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Water Casting - Part One

Hello Plummies! 
The snow has arrived!! First time in five years and boy did it show itself in East Sussex this week! Sub zero temperatures and at least a foot of snow meant that I have been a little house bound! 
So to keep myself amused, I decided to try my hand at water casting as I want to develope a new jewellery collection for Spring/ Summer. 
I knew I wanted the collection to be delicate, featuring some gorgeous colours by way of enamel, as well as having an organic feel to it. Water casting is the only way to go, so I took out all my tools and some silver and decided to have some fun melting silver! 
I took some scrap silver and melted it over a bowl of cold water. When the silver eventually hits the water it creates wonderful little cupped shapes that are all so different, making each one unique in itself.


Here I am heating the silver over a bowl filled with cold water

 And here are some silver pieces that were the end result! 

As you can see they need a little clean in some pickling solution but these are going to look gorgeous when I have finished with them.......

Watch this space - I will be back with pictures of the items I make and I would love your comments on them too :)

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