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  • Turquoise Blue Copper Enamel Bowl - MaisyPlum
  • Turquoise Blue Copper Enamel Bowl - MaisyPlum
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Turquoise Blue Copper Enamel Bowl

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What better way to add some colour to your home decor than with a copper enamel bowl which oozes sophistication and class.
This little bowl has a multitude of uses and can be placed anywhere in the home , making this a wonderful and original gift for a new home owner.
They look great when used as storage for little items and look beautiful when a tealight is added as the flame bounces around the inside of the bowl, reflecting a warm glow.
These enamel bowls also look stunning when a succulent plant is placed in them too!

Each bowl is fired at least four or five times to get the desired effect. Enamelled in this pretty duck egg blue with contrasting sunset orange on the inside.

The bowl measures approx 63 mm high x 50 mm wide